Frequently Asked Questions

Cost Expectations

As a non-profit organization staffed by Adult Volunteers, we operate on a cost recovery basis. Here are the costs needed to support our program:

  • Annual Membership Fee: $270 per year – $230 goes to Scouts Canada’s National office while $40 goes back to our 6th Richmond Hill Group. Our national office uses the fund to cover expenses such as field services, insurance, and general operations. Our group uses the fund to cover items such as Group Camp Gears (tents, cooking equipment, shelters, etc.) and Group Events, and School Permits. Please click here for more information about how the Membership Fees are used.
  • Annual Troop Dues: $25 per year, which has been unchanged since 2007. This fee covers Troop meeting expenses, badges, and Troop Website (which also acts as the administrative portal for our members – from event sign up to electronic badge handbooks to merit records).
  • Overnight Camp (per Cycle – or every 3 months): Around $55 per Weekend Overnight Camp. This fee covers camp expenses such as site booking fee, food, and supplies needed for camp.

Other Expenses

  • 1-Day Activities: Cost recovery basis (from $0 – $40)
  • Uniform: Around $40-120 (1-Time expense)
  • Personal Camp Gear: Around $100-250 (1-Time expense)

Dollar for dollar, Scouts Canada’s programs provide significant value to its members. Programs run all year long and include many adventures such as camping trips that youth will remember for a lifetime. Most importantly, Scouting makes a difference in the lives of children, youth, and young adults. They are more likely to demonstrate greater self-confidence and optimism about what the future holds. They express a strong sense of civic responsibility and have a desire to “pay back” the community. They become more physically fit, energetic, outgoing, conscientious and compassionate.

Financial Aids

It is our Troop’s strong belief that all willing youth participants be given the opportunity to enjoy the fullest extent of our program regardless of their families’ financial situation. Financial aid is available for families of limited means

  • No One Left Behind (NOLB): Through NOLB fund managed by Scouts Canada’s national office, membership fees and related costs are subsidized for youth from families facing economic barriers. Please click here for more details including applying for NOLB fund
  • Troop Financial Support: Our Troop will also support willing youth participants with economic barriers through fees reduction, deferral, or waiver (applies to any Troop charges – Troop Dues, Camp Fees, Activity Fees, etc). Parents can contact the Contact Troop Scouter for details

You can be assured that your application for NOLB and Troop Financial Support are treated as confidential – only those who have a “Need To Know” will have access to this information. The primary goal is ensuring all willing youth participants are not at any disadvantage due to their families’ financial situation


Scouts Canada places great importance on creating a fun and safe environment for our members, especially children and youth. How do we create this environment? It’s a reflection of the culture of safety that extends throughout the organization

As Canada’s largest youth organization, we are deeply committed to showing leadership in the area of child and youth safety. We truly believe we have a responsibility to help make Canada safer for our children and youth

For more information about our safety our policies and procedures, screening and training of volunteers and tips and tools to help you and your child get the most out of their Scouting experience visit the Scouting Safety Section

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