Who we are

Our Mission To help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world

Our Vision Canadian youth making a meaningful contribution to creating a better world

In 1995, Scouter Anthony Hung worked with Father Nicola Ruggiero, the founding pastor of our parish, to establish a Scout Group so that the youth of our parish might have a chance to join the international Scouting movement.
Father Ruggiero’s Chinese name is 陸之樂神父 “Luk-Chi-Lok.” In Chinese, his surname means the number six. Before our new Church on Rodick Road was completed in December 2001, the Church’s registered address was 183 Valleymede Drive in Richmond Hill. Our Church used to celebrate mass at Christ the King Catholic Elementary School on the same street. When we processed our application to Scouts Canada, we were in Richmond Hill. Joining these two elements together, the Group was named ‘6th Richmond Hill’. 
The Group has had the opportunity of changing the registration from Richmond Hill to Markham to follow the residing township. Eventually, the Group Committee decided to leave the name as it was to preserve our history. 
Each Scout group has a unique scarf and colours to represent its own identity. It distinguishes its members from those of other Scout groups. Our Group’s scarf colours are yellow and white, the same colours as the flag of the Vatican City. It gives a message that we are a Catholic group. 

As one of the parish groups in our Church and a member in the Scouting Movement, we would always be SHARING, SHARING, SHARING the gifts from God; always BE PREPARED to DO THE BEST on any CHALLENGES and would like to provide SERVICES for the Church and for the benefits of the youth members of the group.

Our History

  • 1995 - The Beginning

    Scouter Anthony Hung gets in touch with Father Nicole Ruggiero, pastor of the church, to sponsor and establish a Scout Group in our church so that the children in our parish may have a chance to join the international Scouting Movement. The mission is to contribute to educate young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law and with regards to the scouting principles:

    Duty to God
    Duty to Others
    Duty to Self
  • September 1995 - Formal Application

    Formal application has been filed to Scouts Canada for their approval and issuance of the Charter. Several leaders and adult members are recruited to assist in kick starting our recruitment process in our church and the neighboring Chinese schools.

  • June 1996 - Inauguration

    The Group officially receives the Charter from Scouts Canada in June as the 6th Richmond Hill Group in an inauguration ceremony. The first investiture of members then takes place. The Group starts with Beaver Colony (ages 5 - 7), Cub Pack (ages 8 – 10) and Scout Troop (ages 11 – 14) with a total of 22 youths.

  • 2002 - Venturer Company

    As the youth members and the Group grow up, the Venturer Company (ages 15 – 17) gets added in 2002. 

  • September 2003 - Group Crest and Cap

    Our group starts using the crest and cap as we know today.

  • 2005 - The First Decade

    By the end of the Group’s first decade, we can now accommodate youth members of all age groups (5 – 26). In 2005, the Group starts up the Rover Crew (ages 18-26), the oldest section of the Scouts Canada program. 

  • 2006 - 10 Year Anniversary

    Our Group coordinates with our Church for a Thanksgiving Mass and celebrates our 10th Anniversary with a weekend camp at Blue Springs Scout Reserve.

    We also host a celebration dinner to thank all leaders and committee members.

  • June 2007 - First Annual Advancement & Awards Presentation Ceremony

    Our Group hosts our first Annual Advancement and Awards Presentation Ceremony at Richmond Green Park. 

  • 2011 - 15 Year Anniversary

    In April, we celebrate our 15th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass with Father Chong.

    In June, our Group hosts a celebration dinner with over 200 youths, Scouters, parents, and guests attending.

    In July, our Group hosts a Group Camporee at Camp Samac with over 100 campers enjoying a weekend of fun and celebrations. 

  • September 2011 - The Scouter Joseph Ho's Scouting Excellence Award

    In memory of late Scouter Joseph Ho, who was a dedicated Scouter and a good friend of the Group, we established The Scouter Joseph Ho's Scouting Excellence Award to recognize those who are living with the best Scouting spirit just like Scouter Joseph Ho. 

  • September 2014 - Group Milestone Achievement

    The first time our Group became the largest Canadian Scout group, with 270 members: 217 youth members across all five sections and 53 Scouters, including 5 Scouters in Council and Area roles.

  • 2015 - 20 Year Anniversary

    For a second consecutive year, our Group is the largest Canadian Scout group, with 292 members: 231 youth members across all five sections and 61 Scouters, including 5 Scouters in Council and Area roles. 

    In October, we celebrate our 20th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass with Father Chong.