Scout Coffee Fundraiser

Good Coffee for a Good Cause — Scout Coffee anyone?

What if your next cup could support Scouts in learning new skills, making new friends, and becoming better leaders? And what if that coffee was actually, really good coffee? 

Scouts Canada and Equator Coffee Roasters have teamed up to offer some really, truly good coffee. We are providing a new “contact-less” ONLINE fundraiser to support Groups in creating great programming that fosters youth well-being and development.  

Your Next cup of coffee could support your local Scouts. 5 Scouts Coffee products. Visit today.

Every year, Scouts Canada’s fundraising campaigns help support Groups in their Scouting adventures and provide funds for the No One Left Behind campaign which aims to remove economic barriers for youth and families wishing to participate in Scouting. Every young person deserves to experience the world of fun, friendship and self-development Scouting offers. The Scout Coffee fundraiser allows Scouting Groups to enhance their programming to help develop youth into well-rounded, more resilient individuals.

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