The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a challenge program of leisure time activities for young people between the ages of 14 and 25. It is operated and proclaimed worldwide. While it is not a Scouting award, it is one in which you are encouraged to achieve. It is a program designed to motivate youths to voluntarily become involved in a variety of personal development activities including community service, expeditions, skills and physical recreation.

The program is divided into three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level is divided into four sections: service, expedition and exploration, skills and physical recreation. Participants are welcome to choose any appropriate activity for each section. Assessment of the participant's progress is conducted by anyone who is experienced in that particular activity and have observe the participant's efforts over time. The participant is also required to produce an account of their expedition in the form of a presentation, a written log, a photo log or any other effective forms of communication.

Participants who successfully complete a level of the award is accordingly presented with that level's badge and pin.

6th Richmond Hill Duke of Edinburgh's Award Recipients


  • Cecilia Pang
  • Sarah Ip
  • Topaz Chiu


  • Christy Pau
  • Topaz Chiu
  • Sarah Ip
  • Cecilia Pang


  • Sarah Ip
  • Cecilia Pang
  • Kit Cheng
  • Hei Cheng
  • Felix Pang
  • Joseph Lai
  • Claire Chan
  • Brendan Lau
  • Bernice Chan
  • Alice Kwok
  • Victoria Li
  • Sarah Hsu