Scouter Joseph Ho's Excellence Award

This award was created as a memory of our former Scouter Joseph. He was a supporter and a friend of our Scout group, a dedicated individual to the Scouting movement.This award is presented to youths with the best Scouting sprirt. The Cub section recipients are:

2017 - 2018 2016 - 2018 2015 - 2016 2014 - 2015 2013 - 2014 2012 - 2013 2011 - 2012
Christine Madarang
Olivia Ho
Priscilla Chung
Dustin Lo
Austin Lo
Maxima Chu
Seeonee Award

The Seeonee Award is top section award for Wolf Cub Pack under the new Canadian Path system.  To obtain this award, Cubs are required to complete 10 levels of Outdoor Adventure Skills, 15 community service hours, and a meaningful service project.  The process also includes planning the steps to achieve necessary requirements and reviewing personal progress (Plan-Do-Review.) 

We are proud to have presented the award to the following youth in the past years:

2018 - 2019 2017 - 2018 2016 - 2017
Future Stars
Justin Lau
Addison Wong
Chloe Tsang
Evelyn Chan

 Six Stars Award Recipients (2016-2017 and before)



The Six Stars Award is the highest award which can be achieved at the Cub Pack level. To earn this award, a Cub Scout must complete all six Activity Badges Requirements in the areas of Nature World, Outdoor Activity, Creative Expression, Health and Fitness,  Home and Community and Canada & The World.

Since the creation of our Cub Pack in 1996, we are proud of having the following youth members who have earned this prestigious award:


2016 - 2017 2015 - 2016 2014 - 2015
Anrica Pou
Aden Lai
Amanda Lum
Christine Madarang
Alex Young
Dustin Lo
Jocelyn Browne
Alvin Tam
Kevin Lau
Marcus Yang
Audrey Tao
Matthew Ko
Gwen Yu
Olivia Xu
Tiffany Ng
Priscilla Chung
Samantha Fung
2013 - 2014
2012 - 2013
2011 - 2012
Clarence Man
Edwin Li
Anson Chow
Jason Khara
Timothy Li
Clanway Leung
Andy Tong
Derek Wong
Samantha Ko
  Austin Lo
  Celine Cheung
  Steven Lum
  Maxima Chu   
  Brandon Kui  
Jeffrey Zee
2010 - 2011
2009 - 2010
2008 - 2009
Curtis Chong
Clement Lau
Anika Chang
Daniel Lau
Ringo Chui
Anson Ching
Ernest Lee
Ruby Tong
Anson Yim
Flora Lin   Dominic Tung
Jason Pun   Eric Fung
Kelly Chiu   Jenna Chan
    Joie Chow
    Justin Chan
    Quenho Leung
    Reynold Chan
    Ryan Chu
  Sampras Lee
2007 - 2008
2006 - 2007
2005 - 2006
Boris Chee
Gabriel Kwan
Jonathan Lam
Timonthy Wong
Hayley Ng


Raphael Chong


Thomas Chan

Victoria Li

  Vicki Ng  
2004 - 2005
2003 - 2004
Yipik Tang Swanna Tsoi  
  Lotus Chong  
  Edward Law  


Jenn Ko